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Measure your impact on local air pollution, then begin your journey towards cleaning the air that local children breathe every day

What Can You Do on Vivergy?

Discover Your Pollution Score

Pollution Score measures your contribution to local air pollution. A lower score promotes clean air for loved ones and neighbors!


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Get Personal Suggestions

We provide custom suggestions so you can pick the most reasonable path towards becoming a clean air champion.


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Team Up with Neighbors

See how hundreds of choices add up to create a clean air movement that goes far beyond the abilities of any individual.


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What Is Your Pollution Score?

Pollution Score is our personalized metric for your impact on community air pollution. 500 is the national average. There are 4 categories: Air Travel, Home Energy, Vehicle Use and Spending Habits.

This Is Your Big Moment

Once we build your Pollution Score, we can give you personalized suggestions for meaningful actions to pick from. As you complete your favorites, wath you community rank improve!

A Community Effort Made Effortless

Your positive choices are automatically combined with community members. You will know exactly how many people around you are also promoting clean air.

How Much Air Pollution Is In Your Community?

See average air quality for 2015 in your town or city.

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Who Uses Vivergy?

Working mother of three

“I love Vivergy because it allows me to take a step in the right direction when it comes to air pollution. I don’t like the fact that exposure to air pollution is like inhaling secondhand smoke.”

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