We are Vivergy

A social enterprise based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

~ Make no mistake, we are out here to turn some heads. ~

Vivergy is a definitive re-imagination of energy use as an issue of current, local health. When our team got together over the general Vivergy idea, we agreed on one thing - we were all uncomfortable with the fact that our seemingly innocuous energy decisions affected the health of those around us. We decided to build Vivergy in order to create a feeling of success - nobody is perfect, but you can at least compare yourself to others around you to tell how good of a job you are doing in promoting the health of loved ones!

In short, we empower the individual to improve local health in ways never imagined.

Our Team

Kevin Kononenko, Founder

Kevin Kononenko

Founder, CEO

Kevin Kononenko, a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, founded the company in July 2013. During his time as a student, Kevin worked on two startups and began a sustainability-based student group that scaled to 25 members and reached agreements with significant players in the food-service manufacturing industry, including the Dart Container Corporation. The founder is the CEO and Head of Product. Vivergy fulfills his passion of creating solutions that fit within Americans' current values.

Dom Parise, Lead Developer

Dom Parise

Lead Developer

Dom is the former Director of Technology of the Kappa Theta Pi Professional Technology Fraternity, where he founded a fraternity-wide Development Team. Dom mentors younger members in software development skill-building and manages the development of an open-source, cross-platform internal application. Dom also works with Dr. Seth Marvel in the Department of Complex Systems. Dom builds the software systems of the Vivergy web platform.

Our Partners

Mom’s Clean Air Force