Frequently Asked Questions

How bad is this stuff for kids, really? I can't even see the pollution!

Keep in mind that children's lungs are still developing and especially sensitive. They also inhale more air over the course of the year compared to adults. You might be a little disturbed if you saw an 8 year old walking around and smoking, right? This is your chance to do something about it! Wrapping your head around air pollution (compared to cigarette smoke) can be tough since air pollution oftentimes seems invisible. That simply means it is in lower concentration than cigarette smoke, but, unlike cigarettes, you are breathing in the pollution all day! It's like taking a long, slow drag of a cigarette every couple hours.

But aren’t air pollution and cigarettes composed of different chemicals?

Cigarettes and air pollution actually share one major toxic substance- fine particulate matter. Check out this compare-and-contrast article.

I want to do more. How can I help address this beyond my own household impact?

Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and we can point you towards a movement or group after hearing what you are interested in! Or we can connect you to one of our non-profit partners.

I don’t believe that air pollution has these effects. Where can I read more?

There are a couple sites you can check out. Here is one of the most authoritative studies on the matter, completed in Utah. Here is another example which investigates the annual death total in the United States caused by particulate matter. And here is one more study which directly compares cigarette smoke in vehicles to air pollution.

Okay, I believe you, but how much change will my personal habits actually create?

Try thinking of it this way- what if everybody used ten times as much energy? Assuming this energy was from the same sources as today, there would be ten times as much air pollution, and thousands more health consequences. And you would STILL be saying that your actions would have minimal impact, even though thousans more people would be getting sick! If you think about it in this way, you may never get to see what positive impact will be created if you and others actually reduce air pollution output. Here at Vivergy, it is pretty simple- we are not satisfied with the idea that our actions impact the health of others. We want to do something about it, and help others do the same.

Another example- ever donated to charity? Same idea. The recipient organization can actually make a difference once they combine the donations from individuals. One donation is not much, but all the donations together become a cause!